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2015 Z51 Arrived without EFY body color vents - anybody's car have them?

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Hi Guys,

My first post on this forum, because our 2015 Z51 Yellow coupe FINALLY arrived. Ordered as a 2014 in Nov. 2013.
Our 5th Corvette, so we are VERY long-time Corvette fans going all the way back to 1979.

I really wanted the body color vents, RPO code EFY. At least the hood and tail light vents painted, since on a yellow car I prefer these 2 in body color.
Of course they were not available.

Does anyone know anybody who actually got a 2015 delivered with body colored vents?

Reason I would like to know, is that I am prepared to order them as GM parts, or GM Accessory, if I can get my hands on them.

If someone has them on their car, would love if you could PM me your VIN, so I can walk it into my GM dealer and order the same colored vents as on your car.
Any color is fine, so that would be a starting point for the dealer to locate yellow ones.
Because the dealer today can not find any part numbers for painted ones (Maybe cause they do not exist?).

I am REALLY hoping that they become available as a GM Accessory.

My last option, and an expensive one, is to buy a set of black vents, and have a body shop paint them up.
Or buy the aftermarket ones out there, neither of which I prefer to do.

So HELP please!
Any Dealer or owner out there that can shed some light on this?
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Thanks for the replies Guys.

OK, that pretty much confirms my suspicions. Looks like I will order vents from the dealer, and have them painted up by a body shop.
That way I can also ensure the proper color-match.

Now I just need instructions on how to remove the hood vent and tail light vents/bezels.
Anyone know where I can get instructions on how to do that?

So some of the parts are now available from GM. I installed the yellow tail light vents and they look great.

I prefer less contrast, so this reduces the contrast that black vents on yellow car create. Leaving the rear quarter panel vents alone for now (they are available body color from GM now).

Changing the hood vent as soon as it is available in yellow.
Thanks ROC. I am aware of RPI.
But I prefer OEM parts on the car, not RPI parts for reasons too long to mention here.
Including my phone call to them asking about re/re instructions before I ordered, which they would not provide.

The upper rear quarter and tail light vents are now available painted, OEM. Just waiting till GM releases the painted hood vent.

Anyone have an update on the painted OEM parts?
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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