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2015 Z51 Arrived without EFY body color vents - anybody's car have them?

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Hi Guys,

My first post on this forum, because our 2015 Z51 Yellow coupe FINALLY arrived. Ordered as a 2014 in Nov. 2013.
Our 5th Corvette, so we are VERY long-time Corvette fans going all the way back to 1979.

I really wanted the body color vents, RPO code EFY. At least the hood and tail light vents painted, since on a yellow car I prefer these 2 in body color.
Of course they were not available.

Does anyone know anybody who actually got a 2015 delivered with body colored vents?

Reason I would like to know, is that I am prepared to order them as GM parts, or GM Accessory, if I can get my hands on them.

If someone has them on their car, would love if you could PM me your VIN, so I can walk it into my GM dealer and order the same colored vents as on your car.
Any color is fine, so that would be a starting point for the dealer to locate yellow ones.
Because the dealer today can not find any part numbers for painted ones (Maybe cause they do not exist?).

I am REALLY hoping that they become available as a GM Accessory.

My last option, and an expensive one, is to buy a set of black vents, and have a body shop paint them up.
Or buy the aftermarket ones out there, neither of which I prefer to do.

So HELP please!
Any Dealer or owner out there that can shed some light on this?
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I have shark gray vents on my shark gray z51 convertible.. See SSGhost posting. John
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