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My Chrome C7 Z06 Wheels always get brake dust after a distance behind the chrome is a pain. Someone recently told me the stock chrome wheels are all chrome...even under the gray paint that is behind the chrome on the inside of the wheel.

They suggested removing the wheel and applying paint remover to the gray painted surfaces behind the outside of the chrome, so everything on the wheel would be chrome, and cleaning would be much easier than the gray painted surfaces.

Can anyone advise if this is true, or if they have done it to make it easier to clean these chrome stock wheels?



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Sorry but you were told inaccurate information, i.e.,. while the barrels of a chromed OEM Corvette C7 wheel are painted, but not painted over chrome.

What many of us have done to significantly reduce (but not 100% eliminate) brake dust, is to replace the OEM brake pads, many with either Powerstops or Carbotechs.

I replaced mine with Powerstops (as have many other SRF members), and been very happy with the result. Suggest however, before doing so, you search the forum for brake pads, as some has noticed a brownish tint on their rotors after they installed the Powerstops.
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