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Third generation Chevrolet dealer with an extreme background in Corvettes! I’ve been in the business for 50 years (hanging around the dealership since I was 5)!

Recently sold our dealership but retirement isn’t for me!

As a result I have joined the team of the largest Chevrolet dealer in Montana and one of the largest in the Northwest.

I am now moved in and conducting business at Denny Menholt Chevrolet in Billings, MT.

I have the ability to make the same deals that I could when I owned my own dealership. The management here has given me the reins to the fleet department and full decision making power.

The vehicle selection is incredible. We have 1200 new and used to choose from!

With Chevrolet’s help I am building the Corvette business here at Denny Menholt Chevrolet.

We just received notification that we will have 8 allocations to place orders against next week!

Supplier pricing on all 2016 Corvettes (excludes Z06).
To qualify you need to belong to a CU. If you don't simply open a savings account at one and you are a member.
Then visit the following website to secure an authorization number:

Please email me for a quote.
[email protected]

2016 pricing should be released soon. In the meantime we can price your order as a 2015 subject to what I expect to be a small increase!

Choice of delivery location:

1) Here at our dealership in Montana. Fly into Billings, MT on any major airline and I will personally pick you up at the airport and bring you to the dealership for a first class in depth delivery. (we are just 5 minutes from the airport) No charge for this option.

2) At a dealership of your choice subject to the courtesy delivery fee that they will charge you. You will need to contact a dealer in your area and tell them that you have a friend in Montana ordering a new Corvette for you and that you would like them to perform a courtesy delivery for you. We have found that the fee is lower at a smaller dealership. Further, we advise that you pay the fee directly to the dealership for 2 reasons: 1) you will have leverage to assure that the car is prepped correctly and to your satisfaction, 2) you will not have to pay sales tax on the courtesy fee as it will not be added to the sale price from us on the final paperwork.

3) At the Corvette museum subject to the $990 fee for doing so that is included in the MSRP of the car if you choose this option.

Have a great day!
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