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3 Night Race Blue deliveries within one hr yesterday!! Pics***********

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I have never seen this happen before but within in a span of 1 hr there were 3 Night Race Blue Stingray deliveries and two other customers of mine stopped by with their Night Race Blue Stingrays to say hi! I am not sure of the odds of that happening but I am sure they are high!

First up was Scott and his wife from Owings, MD. They factory ordered a Stingray from me after going to a few other dealerships. A bit frustrated they got referred to me by three different sources. They even bought a dark blue Impala in between waiting for the Stingray to arrive. Check out the 2LT Kalahari interior, it really pops with NRB. It's Scott's very first Corvette.

Their new Impala is dark blue...

The other two Night Race Blue Stingrays delivered in the same went to West Virginia and the other one stayed local to Maryland.

Two C7 customers (Dave and Ray) dropped by with their Night Race Blue Stingrays...:flag:

and a loyal Corvette forum reader stopped by to say hi to me. He is from Severn, MD and just picked up his GS in North Carolina.

Save the wave!

Mike Furman
301 212 4420
Criswell Chevrolet
Gaithersburg, MD
Chevy Corvette Dealer MD | Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, DC, PA | Criswell

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Keep the stories coming, Mike! I enjoy reading your posts!
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