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4 Days in the New 2015

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Logbook starts. Came from a Cayman S. The Stingray is much much more fun. Not a great pic below, but thought I would post anyway.

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Nice! Do you have any first impressions that you would care to share? What tranny do you have in it? Other options?
Hi Chip. This is my first Corvette after a Mustang, BMW, Porsche……and is certainly the most entertaining. I love all the technology. Technology that would have cost about 10k or more in the Porsche. I have the A8 and coming from the 7 Speed PDK on the Cayman, I can say the shifts are seamless, almost like a CVT. I run mostly in Sport mode, mainly because of the engine sound. Though it can be turned on in Tour mode as well. My wife can hear me start it up in the morning across the house. Once you get all the fun stuff figured out, like the benefit of plugging the iPhone into the USB vs just bluetooth, etc etc etc…then it is nice to sit back and enjoy the ride. The HUD is wonderful. I will stay within the break-in guidelines, but I can say it takes patience and discipline. The car simply wants to be pushed hard. It even told me that.
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dlw444: I found the A6 (I have a 2014) to be more fun as an automatic than the PDK in the Boxster, especially if the PDK was not in 'sport.' As to your wife hearing it start up in the morning across the house, obviously you are just babying it :rolleyes: Mine says she can hear me a block away from the house. :cool: Have a blast!
Couldn't agree more about having to have it in Sport mode. The shifts were fast, but less smooth than the Vette in my opinion.
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