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Race Ramps with the Heavy Duty (HD) option have an increased capacity of 5000 pounds per pair. This limit is significantly higher than standard duty Race Ramps which are rated at 3000 pounds per pair. Most passenger cars do not require the HD ramps. However, if you have a heavy pickup or SUV in your stable of vehicles, the $50 HD option is an inexpensive upgrade that will allow you to safely use the ramps with these heavier vehicles.

Very few Race Ramps resellers offer the HD ramp models. Even the factory does not promote the option on its own website. Now through 31-Mar-2016 Reverse Logic is offering six HD ramp models for the price of regular duty ramps. Combined with the current factory rebate promotion you will save $70 off the normal price for HD ramps.

The six models available are RR-56-2-HD, RR-XT-2-HD, RR-72-2-HD, RLL-72-14-2-HD, RLL-78-2-HD, and RLL-87-2-HD. Standard duty ramps and heavy duty ramps use the same foam core. The difference between the two ramp types is the reinforcement layer applied to the top surface of the HD ramps.

Use the "HD50" coupon code at the catalog page at this link to save $50 on HD Race Ramps.

Reverse Logic Limited Store - Heavy Duty Service Ramps
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