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7th gear worthless??? Your thoughts....

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I have been playing around with the best fuel economy on my drive to work now and have found that in 7th gear the car consumes more gas even at lower RPM then running in 6th gear from speeds of 70 - about 85..... now unless you are scooting along at about 95 or 100 I really dont see when you would use that 7th gear..... Have you guys played around with this at all?
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I'm going to have to test this...I've been running in 7th when I'm at 70-80. Interesting...
If the load on the engine is too great in 7th at the lower RPM, then the engine can spin at a higher RPM and actually get better fuel economy than when it is under too much stress in 7th at the lower RPM.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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