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80% for MSRP or less

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Boredom while waiting for my order to advance.

I looked at, and as of this morning they had data for 108 sales. 86 sold for MSRP or less. Of course the Truecar dealerships in my area want $5K over. No thanks.

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cash is not king

I find that most dealers I have dealt with are not influenced by cash because they prefer you to finance instead. Lots of money to be made in the finance department. The longer you finance the better for them
when I was at the dealer they had one silver sting ray and was asking 15 over. there were 7 guys looking at it not including me. Somewhat of a bidding war started amongst them and I just walked away from them. I found my sales person and told him I was there and ready to buy, and that I was willing to pay only "5" over window and I wanted to use their finance department and finance for 7 years. He haggled a bit more on the price and got him to agree to 2500 over and throw in window tinting. Then once in with the Finance man I was able to changes things around more to my liking. For instance I only financed for 4 years, not the 7, I had told salesperson. Also I was able to get another 2 thousand out of my trade in.after I was fairly happy with the new deal I SAID WHAT WOULD my deal look like IF I PUT 30 THOUSAND DOWN. He then said you don't really want to do that do you ? I said I might as well and I did just that. So I was able to get it at window sticker and free tinting
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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