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80% for MSRP or less

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Boredom while waiting for my order to advance.

I looked at, and as of this morning they had data for 108 sales. 86 sold for MSRP or less. Of course the Truecar dealerships in my area want $5K over. No thanks.

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Our local dealer, our local Corvette Club sponsor, has stated that he will sell a new 2014 Corvette for $1000 under invoice to any club member. I will wait till next year to possibly trade in my 2010 GS conv. depending on the deal. Waiting to see if there will be a GS in the 2014 production year. I agree with others, that I would never pay over sticker for a new car, no matter what brand just to have the "first one on the block". I know that using the GM site for 2014 pricing and what my GS Conv. is worth as a trade in with 18700 miles - their offer was below BLACK BOOK at $28-32K. The only option that I was given credit for were the chrome wheels - nothing for NPP, Heritiage package, Conv., etc. No sense to even sit down to discuss such an offer although the new car manager said "not to worry about the low offer" as they will work with me". dt
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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