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As many of you know we have already released our Modified 95mm (100mm Effective) TB, while working on it we realized that the 3rd party Adapters we were using were defeating the purpose of modifying the TB to some extent. That is, we are opening and smoothing the flow path on the TB and the Manifold only to find that these 3rd party Adapters were closing down area and posing restrictions downstream of the TB. See figure 1 (straight bore adapter).

Every time the airflow finds an abrupt change of area, it tends to create vortices, these create centers of low pressure where the air recirculates and losses density, exactly what you don't want to happen inside the manifold or at the inlet of your supercharger.

Having seen that, we went with our own Adapter design, and the results were great see figure 2 (Soler Performance Tapered Adapter). But we did not stop there, we also made one for 103mm Manifolds. We can also make them match your own ported Manifold/SC internal diameter size.

The results were great, our screw hole pattern perfectly centers the TB on the Manifold to avoid steps due to bore mismatches. The smooth tapered transition allows the air to accommodate the contour without causing large pressure drops. The contours of the TB, Adapter, and Manifold coincide edge to edge all around, zero steps.

The same philosophy "one-size-fits-only-one". Once again the once-size-fit-all Adapters don't fit any in reality.

These Adapters are not about gaining power, the point is making them right (TB and Manifold Specific), so you don't lose any of those hard-earned HP's you attempted with your Mods.

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