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Presenting the all new, ACS-C7 Corvette diffuser DUAL fin per tunnel system

The Corvette Stingray is, of course a phenomenon. The Corvette name and design is synonymous with top-notch Americana and in the Stingray, they created the model that easily offers the greatest style, performance and optimal comfort per dollars spent. At ACS, however, we never rest easy, even when we’ve already improved on near perfection with our previous diffuser fin system. A result of listening to owners and relentless investigation, our new dual fin setup works some seriously alchemical magic on the Stingray’s or Z06 rear end design.

The fact that each diffuser panel is now adorned with not one but two fins really does, we’re confident you’ll agree, add some seriously kick ass attitude to the vehicle’s derriere! Of course, being ACS parts, these visually stimulating additions will do more for your Corvette than add ‘va va voom’. Our diffuser fins will help to:

Stimulate airflow in the integrated diffuser by redirecting the rear airflow in a linear direction, helping to improve airflow in the undercarriage
Boost the vehicle’s aerodynamics as a result of a reduction in turbulent air at the rear end. The diffusers act to direct fast-moving air away from the undercarriage as it decelerates and expands
‘High performance design’ (clearly the Corvette is already this) is not synonymous with perfect design and each ACS addition is constructed with the intention of making subtle tweaks that drive your vehicle closer to the edge of fathomable design perfection.

The facts: ACS-C7 Stingray Corvette diffuser dual Fins

- Designed for all Stingray C7s, coupes, convertibles or Z06
- Complements existing OEM diffuser
- Manufactured in highest quality ABS composite material, same material as the diffuser already on your car.
- Available in Carbon Flash Black finish, to match your car’s diffuser or
- Unpainted to be custom detailed to match your car's color
- Simple installation (with supplied templates) using 3 SEM bolts each side
- 25 minute per side installation time

Product Link

Unpainted 349$
Painted Carbon Flash Black 449$

Product Link
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