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Added a Stingray Sill Plate, Floor Mats and Key Cover

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Installed an optional GM Stingray Sill Plate in replace of the Corvette plate that comes with the C7. Adding to the Stingray Image also installed 5/16 inch thick pile Lloyds Stingray image and Script floor mats. This is a much thicker pile than the standard mats or those available as aftermarket from GM. To match the Stingray theme and to protect the Key FOB from accidental lose, added a FOB cover with a Stingray key chain. A poster noted they had a FOB on a key ring and found the FOB had been lost when the emergency key had detached inadvertently. Had my key separate by accident but fortunately did not lose my FOB when it happened. With the high cost of a new FOB this silicon FOB cover locks both together and is well worth the small price. It’s available in a number of colors. Details on a PDF at

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I ordered the fob covers! Blue for my hubby and red so I could find mine in the bottom of my purse easier. ;)
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