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I found this on another site and thought it might be help full to some to understand the ordering process. They are talking about Chevy Volts but it still still gives you insite on GM's ordering/build system. order tracking also has its own order tracking capability, but it's much more coarse, and actually has been broken since October. You enter your 6-character order number and they give you a simplified status report.

Longer explanations of status code meanings, including many links to more information

Status code 1100 means that your dealer has made a preliminary entry of your order into the GM system. GM hasn't accepted the order for production yet, and it could be a long time before they do. Note that code 1102 is the same thing, and does not signify any advancement. See also the separate post on the launch markets and why your order hasn't moved off 1100/1102 yet.
Status code 2000 means that your dealer and GM have agreed on one of the dealer's Volt allocation slots to assign your order to. It may sit at this code for a long time, like a month or so.
Status code 3000 means that your order has been finalized, and you can no longer make any changes to it (e.g. color, interior). You should see 3400 soon, in a week or two. The TPW may have been assigned by now (see below for more about TPWs). Code 3100 will show up just before you go to 3400.
Status code 3400 means that GM has sequenced the car in the production plan, and that your order now definitely has a TPW (see below for much more about TPWs). So far it has taken about 2-3 weeks to go from 3400 to 3800 (ref), but some builds will take quite a bit longer (4-5 weeks) if they have to take the car off the line to wait for missing resources. One poor guy had to wait 56 days, but that was just a GM screwup.
Status code 3800 means that the car has officially completed production, and the VIN has been assigned, and you can find that VIN on the CT site. Now, for example, you can decode the VIN, and you can start making insurance arrangements. However your car may remain in holding at the plant for quite some time as they do quality checks on it. All cars built for the first month of production were held until suddenly being released on Dec 13th. Since that first crush of shipments, we've seen cars move out as fast as one day to as long as three weeks. Sorry, welcome to Area 51.
Status code 4B00 means that the car is staged for shipping. So either it has been released from the factory holding lot and has been handed off to the first shipper, or it is in holding between shippers (e.g. truck -> rail -> truck). If you are seeing this for the first time then it's only a day or so until your car leaves Hamtramck. Sometime you will see a couple 4B00 entries in a row as they rescan the car at the yard. Around now you should be able to click on your VIN at and see your official window sticker.
Status code 4150 means that the dealer has been invoiced for the car. The window sticker for your car is usually available online (where?) a few days after this event; prior to that it just defaults to the Forbidden screen.
Status code 4200 means the car has officially shipped from the factory. You should soon get calls from your Volt Advisor and your dealer giving you the official word. Ask them how it shipped, and if by rail then get the railcar number from them. The Volt Advisor may not be able to give you the railcar info, but the dealer can get it and don't let them tell you they can't. Our resident tracking expert ChevyConnects has posted here about what to expect with shipment status codes, and and you can get railcar tracking info here.

Status code 2030 is a special code that indicates that they just edited your order in the system. It does NOT indicate any kind of progress. So if your status history says 1100, 1102, 2030, 2030, 2030, you need to ignore those 2030 entries because your status is really 1100/1102.

We've noticed that Thursday mornings at 6am EST seems to be when a lot of status code updates are applied, up to code 3400. After that it's day by day.

TPW is Target Production Week, and is the week that your car is planned to actually roll down the factory line. TPW is always expressed as the Monday that starts the week but really means that whole week (Mon-Fri). Your dealer can tell you what your TPW is (after you reach 3400), and lately the Volt Advisors can too. We have several reports of a TPW being assigned while the order's code was still at 3000, but you may not see it until the order has reached 3400.

Once your car has started down the assembly line (i.e. during your TPW), we've been told that the VIN will get assigned in stages as it goes down the line. The Volt Advisors should be able to see that partial VIN and thus be able to confirm that the car is moving down the line. However this has not been confirmed yet; all we've seen is the entire VIN number suddenly available. Your VIN will definitely be visible once you reach 3800.

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Welcome "mybluecorvette." Thank you. We have put together two threads, both in the Purchasing Section, one "Before Ordering" and another "Ordering To delivery" that will be helpful to all. Also "ChevroletCustomerCare" has an order tracking service for our members here:

ChevroletCustomerCare are members of our forum, and will help all.

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Thanks for the heads up......sounds like a Jan..2014 order delivery at the dealer could be as far away as June...although my dealer still promises April delivery.Now with the price hikes it's hard to cut and run without taking a hit on the original price.....nightmare ,and I have to attribute most of my problems with the dishonest practices at my dealer,
although this forum and the people in it have sure helped me understand the process....anyway I appreciate you taking the time to give me the guidance....
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