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Steve got his weapon7 splitter and rockers in and on the car and shared a review of the parts and ease of installation!

I recently won a St. Judes auction here for a WeaponX splitter. Ben from WeaponX emailed me offering a discount on side skirts, which I jumped on. They arrived Friday and I had time to install them today. :rock:

Very high quality CF and a simple install compared to the skirts and splitter I had on my C6.

Thanks Ben!

These come packaged to survive anything; getting rid of the boxes and packing will be a PITA. :lol:

I don't have a lift in the garage and figured after looking that they'd be easy to install by just raising each side a bit and I was right. Here's the pass side with mounting tape ready to install. The skirts and splitter use existing hardware so install is a breeze.

Before mounting them up I removed one corner of the tape and taped it down so I could easily pull it after they were loosely hung with the screws, which worked well.

These should protect the rocker panels very well:

Here's the splitter ready to install with the tape on it. Had to remove the tape backing, so I called on my trusty assistant, aka wife, to help hold it in place while I bolted it up.

Total install time from start to finish was ~2 hours.

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