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Earlier today, we independently tested the AFE intake system for the C7 currently available.

Test vehicle was a 2014 C7 Z51, manual, stock.

Conditions were typical for South Florida, 90* and muggy.

Installation was straight forward, and easy enough for any beginner to handle in his/her garage. You'll need a variety of tools, most of which come in a standard Craftsmen box set!

After install, we completed a full dyno tune on our Mustang Dyno (MD500).

Results were much better than we expected.

Baseline: 405 RWHP/405 RWTQ
AFE/Tune: 429 RWHP/414 RWTQ

Of course, some of this power comes from the tuning that we do - improving timing and AFR to maximize efficiency. However, one could bolt this one without a tune and still feel some improvement in power AND audible engine noise. We DO recommend a tune though, just to make sure your MAF and fueling are calibrated correctly!

Dyno graph and installation photos below:

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