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Almost There!

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Just wanted to share with everyone the details of my order. And I have a question.
Placed my order late September 1100
Went to 2000 11/14
Then it took only 6 days to go to 3300 (11/20)
Another 14 days to 3400 (12/4)
And I just heard on our other thread from Kelly, (thank you Kelly) that it was produced on 12/11 1G1YM2D74E5110028
Only 27 days from 2000- produced. Faster than I've read around here.
So how much longer for a delivery time? About a week ?

It's 3LT z51 Arctic white, black rims, magnetic ride, perf. Exhaust, carbon flash mirrors/spoiler, had to sacrifice the carbon fiber dash to make it through constraints. But I have the body painted roof. Oh and a carbon flash stinger stripe.
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I think that depends on where it's being delivered. At the museum, it just depends on when they can fit you in. If it's at a dealer, it depends on how many cars are going in that direction. My understanding is they don't ship until they have a full load to go in the direction you're in.
Right there with you. I doubt I'll be sleeping tonight or tomorrow night. I pick up my Vert at the museum on Wednesday. We leave for BG tomorrow. I'm so excited!!!!
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