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Almost There!

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Just wanted to share with everyone the details of my order. And I have a question.
Placed my order late September 1100
Went to 2000 11/14
Then it took only 6 days to go to 3300 (11/20)
Another 14 days to 3400 (12/4)
And I just heard on our other thread from Kelly, (thank you Kelly) that it was produced on 12/11 1G1YM2D74E5110028
Only 27 days from 2000- produced. Faster than I've read around here.
So how much longer for a delivery time? About a week ?

It's 3LT z51 Arctic white, black rims, magnetic ride, perf. Exhaust, carbon flash mirrors/spoiler, had to sacrifice the carbon fiber dash to make it through constraints. But I have the body painted roof. Oh and a carbon flash stinger stripe.
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I don't know if Corvettes and Cadillacs are similar, but when my wife's Cadillac was built earlier this year, it took almost three weeks from the build date to the time it showed up at the dealership. I was told that was faster than normal, because they said to usually expect a month.

Expect a month. Then, any surprise you get will be a pleasant one. :)
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