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Almost There!

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Just wanted to share with everyone the details of my order. And I have a question.
Placed my order late September 1100
Went to 2000 11/14
Then it took only 6 days to go to 3300 (11/20)
Another 14 days to 3400 (12/4)
And I just heard on our other thread from Kelly, (thank you Kelly) that it was produced on 12/11 1G1YM2D74E5110028
Only 27 days from 2000- produced. Faster than I've read around here.
So how much longer for a delivery time? About a week ?

It's 3LT z51 Arctic white, black rims, magnetic ride, perf. Exhaust, carbon flash mirrors/spoiler, had to sacrifice the carbon fiber dash to make it through constraints. But I have the body painted roof. Oh and a carbon flash stinger stripe.
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Based on our VINs (9789 for me) our C7s were produced either one day apart or on the same day. Mine is supposed to be here (far northwest corner of the CONUS) on 12/19. I would think yours is likely to arrive at it's destination at about the same time if not earlier.
Probably just a day apart you got under 10,000! Ya I'm really hoping for 12/19 or so as long as it's before 12/25 lol
Sleep is overrated - lol. Already put in for a vacation day Thurs. I'm thinking to go to the dealer when they open and just hang out until the transporter arrives. In the meantime my wife is busting my chops every moment she can about not being able to sleep, me for the new toy and her for the $$$ out of the bank account.:eek:
So judging that I am the furthest west. I will get mine later this week if you are all getting them tomorrow (rather today)
Mines Thurs. I suspect I'm farther west than you are (Seattle). Maybe on the same transporter?
Ya probably. I'm Orange County. - just check my order status. Says its in transit!
Just got word. Suppose to be delivered dec23.
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Just wondering, did you guys have to bug your salesman to keep you updated? I guess they get word from BG about delivery dates, because you three seem to know exactly what's going on. How did you get your TPW's? Etc.?
Thanks, steve
Up until it was produced I've been getting updates from Kelly in customer order tracking thread. But after it was produced yes I called my dealer and asked if it was coming soon. And I'm sure they appreciate that I never bugged them in the 4 months of my order about where it's at or when it will b done, until recently
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