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Almost There!

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Just wanted to share with everyone the details of my order. And I have a question.
Placed my order late September 1100
Went to 2000 11/14
Then it took only 6 days to go to 3300 (11/20)
Another 14 days to 3400 (12/4)
And I just heard on our other thread from Kelly, (thank you Kelly) that it was produced on 12/11 1G1YM2D74E5110028
Only 27 days from 2000- produced. Faster than I've read around here.
So how much longer for a delivery time? About a week ?

It's 3LT z51 Arctic white, black rims, magnetic ride, perf. Exhaust, carbon flash mirrors/spoiler, had to sacrifice the carbon fiber dash to make it through constraints. But I have the body painted roof. Oh and a carbon flash stinger stripe.
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Most dealers do not systematically communicated as to the changing status of your car, as it gets closer to production, nor afterwards regarding delivery dates. Some are wonderful exceptions. Here are two to the best ways to answering the question, "what is my car's status now."

For those getting Museum Delivery, Lori and/or Shane will contact you as your car is being completed, and work with you to schedule your "pick up" date at the NCM.

Regarding TPW's (tentative production weeks), they are not very reliable and many times they are not even provided to you. We have three recent cases in which a customer got a call from either from their dealer, or a posted response from Kelly J (Chevrolet Customer Care) -- in the above cited "order tracking" thread, to go to their dealer and pick up their car, with all three never even getting a TPW at any time during the process. Personally, TPW's are overrated, and as they sometimes move "forward and backward," they often cause more consternation than they are worth.
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Got great news yesterday. My cyber grey vert,3LT with sports competition seats, ordered July 14, was built Saturday, December 14. The tpw was the week of December 16th. Living in the land of ice and snow I don't care how long it takes to be delivered because it is going straight to storage. A big thank you to all the BG staff for their dedication and hard work since the launch of the Stingray. This bud is for you.
Congratulations wolverine22. Here's to your getting you car at the beginning of 2014, with an unexpectedly warm and dry spell in your part of Canada so you can drive it after getting it. As you also are getting the comp seats that so many are curious about, when you get some "seat time," would you please join and post up in the following thread -- even if that is months from now? Thank you!
Just wondering, did you guys have to bug your salesman to keep you updated? I guess they get word from BG about delivery dates, because you three seem to know exactly what's going on. How did you get your TPW's? Etc.?
Thanks, steve
Up until it was produced I've been getting updates from Kelly in customer order tracking thread. But after it was produced yes I called my dealer and asked if it was coming soon. And I'm sure they appreciate that I never bugged them in the 4 months of my order about where it's at or when it will b done, until recently
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