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Amazing Car

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Finally picked up my Stingray yesterday and it's everything and more than I was expecting. Weather wasn't great here yesterday so I only put on 50km but it was a sweet 50. I sat in my garage staring at it for 6 hours last night!!! My family was shocked and super stoked to get their first ride and my wife even put a nice short burn at the end of the driveway. (oh well).

I will post some photos and comments/review when I get to take it out again (tomorrow's weather looks good) but my first impression is that the car seemed silly fast, well built with quality materials. The Laguna Blue with black rims mirrors and spoiler is absolutely stunning and I'm so glad I didn't change my color choice. The only negative I have so far is the closing of the rear deck. It would be nice if they could have incorporated one of the electronic auto-latching mechanisms like on my Benz as it doesn't close tight every try without a firm hand on top of the deck. Something I'm totally fine with given the rest of the car!;)

More later...

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I ordered my C7 two weeks ago. Does anyone know the average wait time? My dealer is telling me 6 to 8 weeks...what am I in for from a waiting...
From my previous communication, I know you have read the two long, detailed Purchasing threads on "Before Ordering" & "Order To Delivery." As you know, there are so many variables (dealer allocation, any your options have constraints, how big is your dealer's allocation compared to other dealers ordering similar cars now, convertible versus coupe, etc. ???), that it is impossible to predict when your StingRay will arrive. Depending on answers to all the variables (not just the major ones I reiterated, but all variables discussed in those two threads), we have had forum members who (magically) got their StingRays less than one month after they ordered, while conversely, we have members who ordered four months ago and still have little progress to report. Sorry, we can not be better predictive unless you provide us more information to regard to those variables, and even then, we are, at best, "estimating" when your car will arrive. In general, guessing here, if you ordered a coupe without constraints, from a dealer with good allocation, your dealers estimate of six weeks to two months could be very accurate.
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