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Any other slow leakers (tires) out there?

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So, one month into ownership, the only issue I have discovered so far is one tire that leaks about 1.5 psi per week. I am taking it in tomorrow for a dismount/remount to see if they can get a better seal on the bead this time.

Anyone else have similar experiences? Any tips?


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Have them put a new internal valve in the valve stem, that's where most tires leak unless something got between the rim and the bead. Also, most tires have a small white barcode taped to the bead. If it's not entirely below the sealing surface air will leak from there, have them remove the barcode label too.
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Hope it's not the rim. A seven inch weight is excessive. I would ask for a new rim.
X2 on that
It's highly unlikely it's a rim, 99% probability it's a tire.

I agree that's way too high. I would ask them to rotate the tire 180 degrees on the wheel and see what the new weights are. Anything over 3 oz. (actually 2 oz is my threshold) is too much on a performance wheel/tire package. If they can't get it down below 3 oz then take off the tire and check the wheel balance by itself as well as runout and wobble. Most decent machines and shops have the equipment to do this, not sure about dealers.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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