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Anyone Else Waiting (Im)Patiently For Thursday?

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Anyone else out there waiting anxiously for Thursday?!

For 2 months now (ordered Z51/3LT on 2/10) I've contacted my dealer every Thursday hoping for an assignment of a Z51 vert allocation. No luck so far but I've moved up the list from #4 in line to being the next in line (as of 3 weeks ago)!

During this time I've had many disappointments as my dealer has received non Z51 allocations and the non Z51 orders have leapfrogged over me.

Some suggestions to others in the same boat of things to do that have kept me sane:

1. Read the threads on this forum! The moderators are truly a class act and have a wealth of information to share.
2. Download the corvette manual and read it from cover to cover.
3. Drive by the Chevy dealerships in your area in order to catch a glimpse of a new C7.
4. Go to the GM website and track your order number daily.
5. Resist the urge to buy something else.
6. Drive your spouse crazy by asking her incessantly "When am I going to get my vette?"
7. Share your experiences with the others on this forum.
8. Download the C7 screensaver.
9. When you think that you're losing your mind, get the others on this forum to talk you back from the ledge.
10. Start a new Thread!

Thanks to the forum sponsors for making this forum possible and thanks to the moderators!
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Just about given up hope. Ordered Z51/3LT on 1/17. Going in I was told order would probably picked up in May. Moved up from #6 to #4 in a couple weeks but now at same position 2 months later. Recent allotments are not matching any orders(last 2 were for nonZ51 verts). Since it will now take a miracle of biblical proportions, I've resigned myself to never getting the car. Not sure why I still read the boards.
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