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Looking for information from folks that have used the Diablo Sport tuner to boost performance from their car. A few questions come to mind and I hope to get some insight before I start using the tuner myself.
First, are the different modes affected by the tune or do they only show up in track mode?
How does the eight speed handle under the tuning, are the shift tweaked at all?
Assuming you don't have your foot buried in the throttle, does the tune help with mileage in the least bit?
Finally, does the tuning help with the carbon build up at the tips of the exhaust (is the gasoline burning more effectively?)

Thanks for all those that answer. I plan on running my A8 Z51 on the dyno before and after I run the tune on the same day to give accurate gains if any on the 93 Octane time with no other modification done to the car. Supposedly they're should be a 20 HP, 30 Ft/lb Gaon at the wheels, we will see. Give me a few weeks to post my individual findings.
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