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ATTENTION!! Corvette Stingray for Sale in Ontario.

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For someone in Canada interested...

Gateway Chev in Mississauga has a Stingray in the showrrom for sale.

Its a Black on Black, Black Rims, Red Calipers, Z51, 3LT

Listed on Auto Trader - 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Z51 3LT ? BRAMPTON ? For Sale

How the heck don't I have mine yet!?!?!?

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Are u kidding me. Good damn it, too bad it wasn't my chosen color I'd drop my order and pick this one up.
Why did he tell u 74 and tell me 78.6 do I look that much like a sucker lol. I only spoke to him on the phone.

Oh man. Mine came in at 66.. Am I crazy enough to change color and price? I need to handcuff myself to something and swallow the key.
That's definitely one of the first ones in Ontario. We'd all be jealous. I assume from your pic you ordered white?
Ya I ordered white. Guess it makes sense to just wait, save the extra coin, get my color and probably have it for when good weather starts rolling around in the spring. What a kick in the nuts if mine shows up towards the end of January lol. Order still hasn't been accepted by GM, is that even possible?

Or... I just get that black one and wrap it in white :p I got to delete the bookmark to this forum... It's like a drug gives me crazy thoughts.
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My order just got picked up last week. With the Z51 constraints their talking about its likely going to be late year now.
I forgot did u say you ordered sometime in July?
So my order having been put in the end of august isn't going to be anywhere near yours in terms of production is it?
I ordered at city buick gm. I didn't put much thought into picking a specific dealership, my gf just grabbed a verano from there a few months ago and the salesman claimed they had allocation for 2 vettes and didn't figure there would be any difference.
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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