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ATTENTION!! Corvette Stingray for Sale in Ontario.

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For someone in Canada interested...

Gateway Chev in Mississauga has a Stingray in the showrrom for sale.

Its a Black on Black, Black Rims, Red Calipers, Z51, 3LT

Listed on Auto Trader - 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Z51 3LT ? BRAMPTON ? For Sale

How the heck don't I have mine yet!?!?!?

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I was at the dealer placing my name on the list, and I asked him if the visible carbon fiber roof panel mean it was also transparent -- meaning can you see the sky through the roof carbon panel while
sitting in the car--.
He told me yes. I still have my doubt. I contacted Chevrolet via the chat room, they didn't know. Please clarify if it is the carbon wave that is visible or it is transparent as well.

Than you
I purchased a Z51, 3LT with Laguna Blue paint, Mag Ride, Perf exhaust, CF dash, black rims, exposed CF 1-piece roof, black spoiler/mirrors and several smaller upgrades. I believe the only options I didn't order were the racing seats, suede interior inserts, painted calipers and two piece CF roof. My dealer (who is a friend) charged me full price on the base model and gave me all the upgrades at cost which totaled out at $71,200. I thought that was very reasonable considering I almost dropped $65,000 on a 2013 C6 GS last December.

The car above has a few options I didn't order - auto trans, painted calipers so I think $74 is in line with MSRP.
Congrats! Does that mean your friend, the dealer, will keep that price even though Chevrolet should change the base price?
I went back to the "Build Your Own" Chevrolet site, unless I am mistaken, I noticed the base price was increased by $5,000.00, which means every style
will have an increase of $5000.00 before additional options.
If I am correct, I feel Chevrolet is walking on a fine line here. There may be ground for law-suits because a lot of people like myself already put their names
on the list with their deposit with the hope they will get the quoted price by the dealer.
Why say you, guys?
Thanks for the reply, guys. I thought I had seen something different. I must have been mistaken then. That's what happens when anxiety/impatience strikes, you start seeing numbers in all sort of ways. :)
Deciding to buy the car was easy, but settling on a specific exterior/interior color combination has been the problem.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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