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Attn detailers (Charlie, Jeff,etc) advice please....

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Ok ive had my cquartzuk and reload on for about a year and still looks great but i would like to refreshen everything and deep clean the car without distubing the base cquk i have on it now. Coming home from a 3000 mile run to the NE from FL.

So whats the procedure? I know recently when i wanted to take off a cquk smear it took 105 and 205, so im thinking of doing the following:

Light passover with nanoskin prep towel snd soap
Megs 205 with griots orbital and green finishing pad
Wash with RESET
Reload with RELOAD....

Any thoughts or advice?
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Just got her back from the detailers where they corrected the paint and applied CQuartz Finest. Looks amazing. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Corvette stingray
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Corvette stingray
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Corvette stingray
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Some OP but the bigger issue was paint damage caused by washing. I have never put this car through an auto wash though I suspect the dealership did. They had the car for 24 hours and said they spent about 12 hours correcting the paint damage. Very professional operation recommended by Cory @ CarPro.
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