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Attn detailers (Charlie, Jeff,etc) advice please....

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Ok ive had my cquartzuk and reload on for about a year and still looks great but i would like to refreshen everything and deep clean the car without distubing the base cquk i have on it now. Coming home from a 3000 mile run to the NE from FL.

So whats the procedure? I know recently when i wanted to take off a cquk smear it took 105 and 205, so im thinking of doing the following:

Light passover with nanoskin prep towel snd soap
Megs 205 with griots orbital and green finishing pad
Wash with RESET
Reload with RELOAD....

Any thoughts or advice?
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I did one coat of UK, but over the ladt year, FULL reload every quarter....its tricky, smears easily...

Thanks, so dilute reload 50%?
Im gonna try 1:1... I streak using 3 mf 530 gsm towels!
So Wills, whats your advice to deep clean the cquartz? I dont want to buy new products, I own too many already! I have carpro reset and can use that for a wash, I'm just wondering what I should do between the wash and reload in terms of possible polish, maybe menzerna 4500 and a wax spreader blue CCS pad? Its got almost zero cut....
The car will be concluding a 3000 mile trip so you tell me?, lotsa gloss but surface is not smooth
Thanks wills et. al....

After getting home and really inspecting the car, I decided to take all the advice here and leave the finish alone, it really was not bad - so two deep soaking washes with Carpro RESET was all it needed and topping with DG Aquawax as a drying agent..and back to "glass gloss"...
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