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Attn detailers (Charlie, Jeff,etc) advice please....

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Ok ive had my cquartzuk and reload on for about a year and still looks great but i would like to refreshen everything and deep clean the car without distubing the base cquk i have on it now. Coming home from a 3000 mile run to the NE from FL.

So whats the procedure? I know recently when i wanted to take off a cquk smear it took 105 and 205, so im thinking of doing the following:

Light passover with nanoskin prep towel snd soap
Megs 205 with griots orbital and green finishing pad
Wash with RESET
Reload with RELOAD....

Any thoughts or advice?
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So Wills, whats your advice to deep clean the cquartz? I dont want to buy new products, I own too many already! I have carpro reset and can use that for a wash, I'm just wondering what I should do between the wash and reload in terms of possible polish, maybe menzerna 4500 and a wax spreader blue CCS pad? Its got almost zero cut....
When you say "deep clean," what is it you're trying to get rid of?
The car will be concluding a 3000 mile trip so you tell me?, lotsa gloss but surface is not smooth
That I understand; what I'm asking is what types of contaminants you encountered during your trip -- knowing what you're dealing with is the first step to finding what you should use to remove them.

As Wills pointed out, you really can't clay or polish without potentially affecting the coating; despite this, one of the things that makes a coating like UK so great is that it will generally release contaminants pretty easily, and it is fairly chemical resistant as well. If a thorough and proper decontamination procedure with IronX and/or TarX (or similar products) doesn't release whatever is on (or embedded in) the finish, you've pretty much exhausted your "disturbance free" options.

Yes, you can clay and/or polish, but understand that with clay (or a speedy prep towel/etc.) you run the risk of marring, and with polishing you WILL remove a small portion of the coating (although if you're using a mild polish -- in this case my personal choice would be CarPro Reflect -- the chances you'd fully remove UK are slim given how thick and hard it cures when applied properly). How much of an effect this would have on long term durability is tough to say... as with anything, the durability and performance of the coating is totally dependent on how and where the vehicle is used and maintained.
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