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The parade started recently with Yahoo Autos naming the StingRay at its Car of the Year (COTY). Today, in its first step, Autoweek just named the StingRay as one of three car finalists. The other two are the Mercedes "S" class and the Jaguar "F." They also have three other truck/SUV finalists, and will make their final decision on December 23rd in each category.

Thanks to Autoweek, we have:

"It's not every day Chevrolet births a new Corvette. Heck, it's barely every decade. So the seventh-generation Vette's launch is a big deal. Still, if it wants to keep our attention, the goods must hold up to the hype. The C7, with its 6.2-liter, 455-hp LT1 V8, sub-4.0-second 0-60-mph time, geometrically sculptured body and true sport seats (finally!) -- plus the resurrection of the Stingray moniker -- had us rapt from the get-go. And its track chops do not disappoint: The Stingray exhibits exceptional balance and power delivery at what remains the best performance-car value in all sportscardom, making its place as a finalist a no-brainer."

For entire article:
Autoweek's Best of the Best/Cars for 2014 - Autoweek

No bias here, but we know who will win Autoweek's COTY!
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