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Base Silver Wheels for sale.

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I'll update this later. Just getting it out there.
South Florida
I have a set of base Non z51 wheels just taken off car
18" and 19" one side is perfect. other side, not so much, one rear has 1" inch scratch at edge, front has a 2" long curb check. Not deep just paint on both of them. A good set for powder coating or the track.
No TPS, No tires.
Will post photos soon and answer any questions as they come.

I'm not sure what to ask with the small scratches but I see people "asking" $900-$1000 who knows what they are taking..I'll be coming in significantly less.

Someone gave me crap about not posting a price somewhere. So my Price is $1 million dollars Or Best Offer. I am flexible on the ending price so the starting price is a little high. $1 million not $950,000. If I must set a price.
Point is I have no set final price, but I would love to see these go to use, and recoup a little money. I might take the first offer I might hold out for a little more but, I'll take any good offer and no bad ones.
Thank you

If anyone wants me to set an exact price, make a reasonable offer, I bet you'll know what my price is before I do.. Sorry if this bugs you. If they where 100% perfect or unique I would be able to price them instantly ...
Thank you hope these go to good use..
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