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Body Component Mis-aleignment

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I was admiring how well the body components matched up and then I got to the passenger door and I found this. Red Automotive exterior Vehicle door Bumper Tire

The drivers door has a little mis-aleignment but the passenger door is pretty bad.
Sent this picture and others to sales rep. This will have to be fixed.
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do some searching - it's in your manul too... it is supposed to be that way...

The front top of the rocker molding is designed to be outboard of the bottom of the front lower door by approximately 13 mm. This is a design feature and does not require adjustment.
Glen; Can you take a picture of your car from the same angle for a comparative view?
my car not avail this week...traveling - I look for others to help out here -
pics are not going to do much - too much parallax's a eyes on thing you'll have to do...I think your first thought is a good one, go to the dealer and see if he has other cars (he will soon) and compare in person...
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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