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Good afternoon everyone, I am new to the forum and corvettes. Purchased my 2014 Stingray Z51 last year and loving every minute. Car is going to shop next week for Stainless Works headers & xpipe along with Corsa air intake then a tune. I was contemplating doing the work myself but talked myself out of it. I will be lurking more to get info and other upgrades for my LT1. I know from my Can Am Spyder forum that the people that post on these pages are very knowledgeable and willing to help. I will certainly need it in the future. Thanks in advance for any input or advise that is offered. Chris

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Welcome to our forum Chris and congrats on your Z51. We do pride ourselves on being a friendly and supportive forum. Lots of members have great hands-on knowledge they are most willing to share.
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Hey, glad to see owners working on their cars. Here are a few things I did to my Z06.
MGW shifter but left out the lower rubber boot, it shifts better without it.
RPM rollbar. not too hard to install. Had to make a few spacers to have it mount up cleanly.
DynaMat on rear deck. Did not do much for the road noise.
Forgeline wheels, as the stock units failed.
AFe Sway Bars. not too hard to install and works well.
DSC shock controller. easy to install and great if you track a lot.
Rear adjustable toe link. easy to install.
Six point harness easy to install.
Optima yellow top Bat. easy install
LG Mortorsports high wing. hard install but looks and works great
Front Canards. easy install

Had many additional upgrades done by Vengeance Racing that were beyond what I wanted to tackle. They do a great job.

I track the car a lot, but also drive it weekly.

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The Soler Body Throttle Controller and Throttle Body are awesome add on mods! Great Bang for the Buck!

Check out this setup, the Soler Performance Modified Throttle Bodies (TB) and Soler Performance Throttle Controllers (TC). Which one does what? How?

We hope this simple presentation helps you understand. Here we compare a single driving condition under the stock setup vs. the Soler Performace Total Throttle Control (TTC) setup. It is a single point of reference to make things simpler but, the same can be said of any other driving condition between idle and wide-open throttle. Thanks.




The same amount of throttle opening (25%) was achieved with both setups (Stock and Soler Prf.).
The difference is that with the Soler Prf. setup required less pedal input thanks to the TC and the engine gets more airflow/power thanks to the TB.

TC Only: Less pedal application can be made to open the throttle body the same amount.
Feels more responsive by itself by scaling information/voltage to the ECM. Zero power addition.

TB Only: For any amount of throttle opening we get more air b/c the throttle body geometry was designed to do so.
Feels more responsive by itself by adding air/power. Smoothest response curve and makes it more predictable.

Soler Prf. Total Throttle Control: TTC = TB + TC: The addition of these two independent effects above.
Feels much more responsive than any single solution, smooth, predictable, and adds a moderate amount of power at every single throttle position.

What do you think?

Mike (727)-667-9225
[email protected]
Soler Performance LLC

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So just for information here are some other key upgrades I made and what worked and what did not. Maybe someone will find it useful.
Magnuson TVS2650R Supercharger, 103MM Throttle Body, Custom 5” Air Intake – Works great, not noisy
Cordes Performance C7 Z06 Heat Exchanger Upgrade – works well
CNC ported/polished &CC chambers cylinder heads, Billet Valve Covers W/Coil Relocation from LPE-works ok but no oil baffles in the covers so passes a lot of oil, catch can that recirculates the oil is used
Lingenfelter Supercharger Coolant Tank - works well
American Racing SS 2” long tube headers & high flow catalysts- Ceramic coating is flaking off, Borla Atak exhaust is fantastic sound.
Lingenfelter Big Bore DI High Pressure Fuel Pump
FIC 30% GDI Performance Fuel Injector
Vengeance Racing E85 Flex Fuel Sensor Kit – can run 93 or E85 or any mix of the two
Vengeance Racing Custom Camshaft w/ 32% Fuel Lobe Upgrade – Runs & sounds great
IWIS Pro Series Seamless Roller Timing Chain - CHE High Performance Trunnion Kit – not noisy
Johnson 2110R Hydraulic Lifters
DeWitts DirectFit HP Series Radiator, Aux Radiator, Oil Cooler – works great
Monster S Series Triple Disc Clutch – works very well, remote blead is a nice feature, stayed with the standard weight Flywheel
Katech LT Dry Sump High Capacity Pressure & Scavenge Oil Pump
LME Billet short block – Improved piston strength to avoid piston cracking.
In general VR work was top notch, LPE not so much.
For every power upgrade a cooling upgrade was necessary. No temp issues even at 870 RWHP on road courses.

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2017-Tourch Red-Z51-3LT-A8-Engine & Exhaust mods-530 engine hp
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The current state of Mods
TEXAS SPEED "SV" Cam package
SPEED ENGINEERING Long Tube Headers & X-pipe, with stock NPP MUFFLERS
AFE Cold Air Intake
RED DRAGON Throttle Body, Polished and Port Matched Heads to Intake & Exhaust
ACS COMPOSITES Z06 Front Grill, Front Spoiler & Side Skirts, Rear Quarter Inlets & Rear Diffusers
GLASSSKINS Rear & Side Window Louvers
JAY'S HYDROPRAPHICS Custom Engine Covers
It is still a work in progresso_O
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