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Just wanted to introduce our company and give you guys some background.

Boost Works is a performance shop, based out of Katy, TX. We're relatively new to the scene (as a company), but with 20 years of combined experience in the automotive high performance industry, we have the knowledge and skill set to design, fabricate/build, and deliver just about anything from mild to wild. We also back our work with a warranty, and stand behind it 100%. We are dealers, or have access to dealer pricing for dozens of companies, including some of the following:

-Kenne Bell
-Texas Speed & Performance
-Precision Turbo
-Tial Engineering
-Modular Mustang Racing
-Diamond Pistons
-CP Pistons
-Wolf Aircraft (large scale metal supplier)
-Circle D converters and transmissions
-Darton Sleeves
-LA Sleeve
-Cunningham Rods
-Pauter Machine

We specialize in metal fabrication and design, including one-off and production based turbo systems, machining, chassis prep, engine design/blueprint/assembly, stand alone engine/transmission management, and overall vehicle design/builds. We can custom tailor packages to fit your needs, from wheels and tires, on up to paint and graphics schemes. We work with some of the best vendors in the industry to provide top notch parts and service.

While we mainly work with GM, Ford, and Mopar, we also have experience working with Lamborghini, Nissan, Toyota, Honda/Acura, and a handful of other makes. Here's a few pics of projects that we've worked on throughout the years:

We offer TIG via a Miller Dynasty inverter machine, and can weld aluminum, stainless, titanium, chrome moly, as well as other alloys. We also have plasma, oxy/acetylene, and various other metal working tools/machines:

We also offer short/long blocks, and complete crate engines for various makes/models:

We also offer transportation for our customers as a courtesy. Our brand new 48ft custom Intech trailer allows us to participate in motorsports, and provide transportation.

We're not a huge shop with tons of turnover. We don't believe in "one size fits all", cookie-cutter packages, or large volume. We don't want to sell you something that you can't or won't use, or a vehicle "package" that doesn't quite fit your needs. Instead, we focus on one customer at a time. This attention to detail allows us to get feedback and make sure that your project turns out exactly how you want it to. No gimmicks, overpriced (rebadged) parts, or the need to pay for a name. We simply offer hand crafted parts, in-house, with customer service that is second to none. We value customer service, and thrive on repeat business/word of mouth.

We hope to settle in quickly, and look forward to working with you guys. :)


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