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Bowling Green Start Up

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The latest Automotive News changed the Bowling Green start up after change over from August to September.
Tom Forsyth:(
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My dealer told me that they are going through rigorous QC...inch-by-inch, hands-on every vehicle coming off the line. This Sept start-up stuff is a disappointment, especially coming from a publication. That said, I guess I'd like to think it will be worth the wait. I'm #23 on the order list at my dealership in FL. Hoping to have it in October....please. This is my first Vette.

My past vehicles have been Nissans, primarily...including working for Nissan in the northest as the GT-R specialist at a dealership. (That's an amazing vehicle but, IMHO, too specialized to be an everyday driver.) The GM rumor mill is far more active than the foreign access could be the diff.
Hey Dave. That's have a projected date already? How did you do that? I ordered on 7/5 and haven't got a clue as to delivery. Another question... do you know the color of car in the photo that you posted. It doesn't look like Torch. I have the Crystal red on order and it doesn't look that either. Chevy said the Crystal red is same paint code as the C6 color (which I loved) but I haven't seen a real good representation of that color anywhere (that worries me.)
Hey murph. Thanks much. That's my combo, with a carbon roof. Phew...that is the color I'm looking forward to. Lots of nice, knowledgeable folks on this site. This is my first experience with a car like this and the expertise is most appreciated. Thanks.
Hey Dave. I don't know what the FE4 package is. I ordered the "old man's model", a 2LT with Nav, A/T, carbon roof, the cool exhaust, and chromies. Anything more and I'd probably pass out! Thanks for your's really helpful for someone new to GM and Vette. Also appreciate your latest news about production...very encouraging and yes, very exciting!!!
tomf... my bad. LOL. I'll be 66 in early Sept. A birthday present is in order. I need to check the accessories for a racoon tail for rearview and a tiger tail for the gas door.
1 - 5 of 51 Posts
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