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Bowling Green Start Up

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The latest Automotive News changed the Bowling Green start up after change over from August to September.
Tom Forsyth:(
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C7 production

Hi longhorn,
My info came from page 29 of the July 29th issue of the Automotive News.
It is on page 29 of the July 29th issue under plant closings.
Jelly321-- I think you meant to say the plant tours stopped in September 2012 not 2013.
WELL, today's Automotive News (August 5th) still says September for the start of C7 production at Bowling Green. Hope someone tells us that assembly has actually begun TODAY!!
Some folks think that Bowling Green is making Premier Editions this week. I think that would really piss off thousands of people with sold orders. Time will tell, also next Monday's Automotive News in the production chart.
Jelly--- please look at the bowling green web site again to see that plant tours stopped on September 14 2012, that is 2012!!
Today's edition, August 12th, still lists a September start up for the Bowling Green plant and zero production for last week. An anonymous "source" told me they are making some C7s and checking them over thoroughly but not shipping any yet.
Not sure what you are asking. I subscribe to the Automotive News and your dealer should know his allocation.
Hey, watch this "old man's model" crap. I am getting a 3LT with A/T and chromies. Just pissed I can't get white walls and curb feelers. I will be 70 in December.
At my age, the aftermarket may be in heaven.:)
As of today, August 19th, Automotive News still reports 0 C7 production and Bowling Green start up in September.
Today's Automotive News (August 26th) lists 0 C7 production for last week and a September start up. They are keeping Yllwstgr's produced C7 a secret.
1 - 13 of 51 Posts
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