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Hey guys,
I need to replace my brake pads and rotors on my 2016 C7 w/ z51 package. I have been doing some research and obviously the dealership is charging an arm and a leg. I came across several websites such as gmpartsgiant, gmpartsdirect, CarID, Rockauto etc and they all claim to have OEM parts and sure enough the price difference is huge but I am also seeing tons of horror stories online for used/after-market parts being delivered to customers and terrible customer service or missing parts altogether.

Here are the parts numbers I narrowed down:
Rotors Front: 84166301
Rotors Rear: 23322785
Brake Pads Front: 23441307
Brake Pads Rear: 22847818

gmpartsgiant has all of these plus shipping and taxes = $764.68

I asked a friend who owns a lube shop and he called his GM contact that quoted him $1,246 (tax included - no shipping required)

Thats a $480 difference!!

Any one have any experience with these online websites - are they legit? Since its the brakes I really dont want to take any chances and would love to hear your feedback and experience with the websites above or any other place you would recommend getting these parts from.

Btw I am in Southwest of Houston, TX

Thank you!
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