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Brand new Rear Z51 Tire..

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Hey Everybody,
Don't know where to exactly post this, but in case anyone wants this...

I got a screw in my driver side rear tire z51 tire and thought a run flat couldn't be fixed, so I purchased a brand new tire. I ended up finding a place that fixed the run flat, and that day the new tire was at my door. I figured I'd keep it for when I get all my tires/just the rears replaced, but lately due to work I haven't been putting many miles on them so I don't see me needing this tire for some time.

If anyone needs a brandy new, stock, driver side rear z51 tire, please message me. Thanks.
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I have run flats patched several times; they just put a plug in them..Les Schwab $20
Michelin states 1 repair per tire, proceed at your own risk past that.
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