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Bumper Scrapes

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My new 2015 Stingray - less than 500 miles and I noticed bumper scrapes this AM. :(
What do you do when you get these and other than the obvious attempts to avoid this, how do you avoid this?

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Welcome to our forum C7STGRA! Sorry to read of your bumper scrapes. You did not indicate how you think you got them which would be helpful in our suggesting ways to avoid them. Depending on the type and depth, you might be able to try a scratch removing polish (carefully). A picture or two might also aid some of our members in providing suggestions. See
Depending on severity you may be able to have them buffed out, if not you could try Dr colorchip.

To prevent, if it is happening when parking try backing in and use the camera to avoid any impact. There other option is to put paint protection film on your bumpers to help
What do you do when you get these and other than the obvious attempts to avoid this, how do you avoid this?
Don't bump into somebody. Take it to your dealer.
I'm assuming your front bumper scraped. Here's a few options:

* Install a Curb Alert system
* Install Fangs
* Install Bumper Savers
OK those appear to be more gouges than scratches so scratch removal compound or buffing won't help, nor will DrColorChip. I would suggest a bumper repair shop for an estimate. Just a possibility but it appears that you may have scraped something like the edge of your garage or a low wall when turning. You have low miles on your Stingray and may not yet be fully accustomed to where the sides of your car are. If that is the case, perhaps some practice with empty cardboard boxes to get more comfortable with where exactly your car's edges are is a simple solution for future prevention.
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:( someone did this on purpose to my c7 at the shopping mall parking lot , apparently it was a trolley mark, left me with a visible dent on the rear bumper and diffuser:mad::mad::mad: Atmospheric phenomenon Sky Fog
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That stinks, nico! Might have been an accident or the wind. If someone pushed something into your car on purpose, well, there are definitely jealous folks are out there. Only fix for that is for all Corvette owners to be humble and courteous. Even that is only a partial fix.
C7STGRA, welcome aboard. That is a gouge, or was it damaged during transport? Check with a few body shops on their recommendation to repair. Hope you get your C7 back to 120% and get back to wheeling it around CA.

It's hard to tell from the picture. Do those scrapes show at normal viewing angles? If not, I would likely live with them if I were in your shoes; ground scrapes are an unfortunate fact of life for most of us with cars with low noses.
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