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2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Test - By The Numbers!

We unleash the ’14 Stingray on the dragstrip, road-course, and dyno. What constitutes a thorough new-car review these days? Browsing the typical online “magazine” (quotes intentionally used) might lead one to conclude that it’s all about knee-jerk first impressions, stilted comparisons with half-million- dollar supercars, and arch commentary on what does and does not constitute a modern suspension configuration.

But while such criteria may serve the needs of the average Joe Internet, here at VETTE we strive to provide our readership with a more profound level of analysis, one that incorporates instrumented testing as well as driving impressions not formed while traversing a strip-mall parking lot at 15 mph.
In the case of the new Corvette Stingray, we fulfilled the latter requirement a few months back, when we sampled Chevy’s latest two-seater in the mountains and valleys south of San Francisco (“Monterey Jacked,” Jan. ’14). That left only the objective half of the equation, fulfillment of which relied upon GM’s ability to provide us with a suitable test subject.

That frabjous day arrived late last fall, when a freshly minted Velocity Yellow ‘ray materialized at VETTE HQ. And while our excitement was initially tempered by the realization that the car lacked both the Z51 Performance Package and the new seven-speed manual transmission, the included 3LT trim package and NPP Dual Mode Exhaust promised to supply reasonable consolation.

Prior experience tells us that the creased-and-chiseled Stingray is an attention magnet of the highest order out on the street, but does it have the objective performance to back up that rock-star persona on the track? Let’s find out.

01 | Achieving optimum dragstrip performance in an automatic Stingray requires only that the driver follow two simple steps: Floor gas pedal. Hang on. Repeat the process until the glovebox overflows with mid-to-high-11-second timeslips.

Our official testing facility, Palm Beach International Raceway (Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR)), boasts both a dragstrip and an 11-turn, two-mile road-course circuit, making it possible to subject cars to a full battery of dynamic evaluations over the course of a single day. That said, these sessions sometimes run into the evening hours, owing to the difficulty of finding the optimum launch method for each vehicle, cooling it down between runs, and tending to any mechanical maladies that happen to arise.

02 | The base Michelins were no hindrance on the ’strip, where they propelled the car to a
Happily the Stingray would require no such extensions. In fact our best pass of 11.736 seconds at 118.76 took place near the start of the session, and the car displayed precisely zero inclination to slow down as the morning wore on.
“Very consistent,” noted this author’s logbook entry. “The best 60-foot times were achieved by simply leaving the car in Drive and stomping the throttle. Shifting manually with the paddles added a tenth or two to the e.t.’s.”
The car was so consistent, in fact, that we spent the latter half of the morning devising novel ways to try to squeeze a few extra hundredths out of it. But whether it ran hot or cool, with or without the plastic engine covers, and regardless of driver, our Stingray stuck resolutely in the 11.7- to 11.8-second range at 117-118 mph. Bracket racers, your Corvette has arrived.

Sub-12-second quarter-mile blasts in a 460-horsepower sports car are never boring, but the automatic Stingray makes them routine.
For their track course performance and dyno review, and more:

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Test - By The Numbers - Vette
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