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While this video is supposed to be about the C6, it includes some interesting C7 info. This is a video of Car & Driver's Don Sherman going for a drive with Tadge Juechter. This is part of a series of C1-C6 video drives with these great super-Corvette-knowledgeable gentlemen.

gmauthority said:
If there are two people who know Corvettes, its longstanding Car and Driver technical director and journalist Don Sherman and chief engineer of the Corvette, Tadge Juechter. Both of these men have worked in the automotive industry for many years and know the seven generations of Corvette like the back of their hand, which brings us to C&D’s Car Nerds series of videos.
The Car Nerds series gives in an in-depth look at all six previous generations of Corvette. The sixth and final episode focuses on the C6 generation, which Juechter played a critical part in developing. Sherman and him discuss some of the improvements that were made going from the C5 to the C6 cars, which include a quieter and more refined interior, a smaller steering wheel, a heads-up display and more. Check out the video below and if you like what you see, the other five episodes can be found right here.
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