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C7. At Tom Clark in White Oak,Pa

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:cool:I spotted at trailer full of new vettes at Tom Clark in White Oak,Pa at 6:30AM. Tom Clark only got 1 C7 red,7 spd,
Z51,both tops, chrome wheels, LT3 interior, sticker said 71,900. Beautiful car, If anyone in Pa is looking it here!!
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Put a request out to Tom Clark through the site and never got a reply. Did the same to Latrobe Motors - they called the next day and took my deposit that afternoon. Expecting delivery March/April. Hopefully all the snow will be gone!
Latrobe Chevrolet it is. Ted Sonnie is the corvette guy there, and so far is very nice to work with. There's no markup over the sticker price at Latrobe too. As I understand it, Kenny Ross and Star Chevrolet are charging $3-5000 over sticker price for their 'vettes.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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