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C7 Cold Winter Storage

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Any member tips on storing my C7 for a long winter's night? Wondering about what sort of charger (USB?) I should use, since I didn't option anything and it will be cold storage with an almost full tank? Is it best to plug in through an inside connection or under the hood? Searched back threads and found some comments on cold storage, but none really addressed this. I've stored other vehicles and have always used cardboard or wood planks under the tires. Flat cardboard sheets can even absorb moisture under the car. I don't start them in the garage, as I think just warming it up doesn't help it. If the low profile tires are prone to flat spots, I could frame support it, but would rather not. I'll plug the exhaust and lower the windows slightly sometime soon. Probably will also put some sort of breathable cover on it, but I do have the shipping wrap it came with.

Good news - found some more info under the "Stingray Owners Logbook" thread on connection points that looks useful.
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Hi. About the flat spots on the tires,I live 400 miles north of Toronto Ontario and stored my Porsche Boxter from October to May every year for 5 years and always just sat on the cement floor and never had flat spots.I don't think flat spots are a problem.
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