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C7 Cold Winter Storage

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Any member tips on storing my C7 for a long winter's night? Wondering about what sort of charger (USB?) I should use, since I didn't option anything and it will be cold storage with an almost full tank? Is it best to plug in through an inside connection or under the hood? Searched back threads and found some comments on cold storage, but none really addressed this. I've stored other vehicles and have always used cardboard or wood planks under the tires. Flat cardboard sheets can even absorb moisture under the car. I don't start them in the garage, as I think just warming it up doesn't help it. If the low profile tires are prone to flat spots, I could frame support it, but would rather not. I'll plug the exhaust and lower the windows slightly sometime soon. Probably will also put some sort of breathable cover on it, but I do have the shipping wrap it came with.

Good news - found some more info under the "Stingray Owners Logbook" thread on connection points that looks useful.
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Great - I now have a bunch of ideas to try out - Thanks everyone for your thoughts on this.
Do not use the transport cover. Harsh material and you will scratch you finish. This cover is meant for factory transport only.

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Thanks for that - not using it now. I did increase tire pressure to 40psi and will be getting some Downy sheets today for inside. Also going to look for Collinite 845 wax, to check it out.
I went with 40-41psi, which is with the car sitting on 2 layers of heavy cardboard. I check the battery voltage every few days and charge it at 2 amps when it gets in the 12.3 range (2 weeks or more). I should get a dedicated charger, as I use this one also for the motorcycle and a couple of lawn tractor batteries in a warmer basement. I also plugged the exhaust outlets and keep a note on the steering wheel saying so. The door alarm isn't armed, so that should use less current too (another tip from the forum). It does use some juice though when friends drop in and want to sit in it for that Corvette feeling. Come spring, I'll have to make good on all the ones that have to have a ride or drive in it.
Toys are in the garage, unwrapped, tires inflated to 40psi and on wood platforms, underneath vehicles are several layers of cardboard, exhausts plugged, mousetraps set, tanks full, batteries hooked to chargers............just need to clear some of the rest of the garage. Yeah, too much stuff there. Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Yellow Automotive exterior
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I always put a short 2x12 wood piece (12-14 inches long) under each tire (inflated to 40psi) and have never had flat spots either in two NY winters with an unheated garage. This year I put a second one under each tire on the C7, just to get it a little higher off the ground. Plus I've always put cardboard under the cars (41 Packard also) to absorb any moisture from the concrete floor. In an emergency, I could roll the car off them. That and other tweaks seem to work.
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You could, although with the car higher off the ground, it allows better air flow underneath for moisture control and fewer incentives for a mouse to climb in. Plus cleaning along the lower sides of the car is easier laying on the cardboard when elevated and it's cheap, because we get cardboard packages here all the time. If it gets musty or damp, throw it out and replace it. I'm guessing rug fibers might attract unwanted pests more and it would not be as easy to vacuum there. My unheated attached garage may generate more moisture with the WNY climate here than yours, and I won't need to pull out a damp rug (especially one with the car parked on it). Never had flat spots on the 40psi inflated tires either. Finally, since the cardboard is under the cars and not seen, it doesn't look bad. if you want, throw those perfumed type dryer sheets under it for more pest control. I admit putting cardboard under a $70,000 car sounds dorky, but it works.
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