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The C7's convertible top, which looks at first glance to be the same as the C6's, has many changes, including being more aerodynamic. The primarily factor contributing to greater aero is that the tops' rear glass window is less vertical.

Car designers refer to most soft top convertibles as having a "hungry horse" look -- when you can see the ribs/bows through the soft fabric layers. C7 design and aerodynamics engineers collaborated to almost eliminate that look. While the top is still three layers as the C6's was, the revised materials and better fit result in a quieter top when driving down the road. All three of these factors have improved the C7's convertible top's aerodynamics.

Other changes, most noted previously, and which do not effect the aero but are nice improvements, include the ability to lower to raise and lower the top with one button if you are inside the car (no more windshield header latches), the ability to lower its top with your key fob if you are standing up to 197' away from the car, and the ability to raise and lower the top up to 30 MPH, and to do so within 21 seconds. All these improvements are standard features of the C7 convertible.

In March, thanks to our Super Moderator Chip, we were able to see GM's abbreviated video of the top in action. Recently, GM created the following, more detailed convertible top video:

2014 Corvette Stingray: How It Works: Convertible Top Open & Close - YouTube
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