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We’ve worked with a number of different carbon fiber manufacturers over the years and APR has absolutely been one of the best we’ve ever seen. Whether you’re looking a company who uses the highest quality materials, someone whose products never have fitment issues, or you want some of the highest-rated carbon fiber products on the market in terms of customer satisfaction, you can always expect the best from APR.

Now, many people are already familiar with these top-rated carbon fiber products, and we’re happy to announce the new C7 product line. We’re offering these brand new items with Free Shipping on most all our APR Performance Carbon Fiber products, as well as the lowest prices possible (without getting ourselves into hot water with the manufacturer!). As most people know, shipping large items like these can be incredibly expensive, so Free Shipping amounts to a really significant savings!

All APR items for the C7 are available with Free Shipping with links below:

C7 Corvette Carbon Fiber Hood Vent Insert

C7 Corvette Carbon Fiber Front Fender Vents

C7 Corvette Carbon Fiber Side Rocker Extensions Skirts

C7 Corvette Stingray Carbon Fiber Rear Deck Spoiler

C7 Corvette Carbon Fiber Rear Quarter Panel Vents

C7 Corvette Carbon Fiber Front Air Dam Splitter

Use the links above to order, or give us a call at 770-919-1433

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