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C7 Corvette Green Performance High Flow Air Filter

5 HP Increase by simply dropping filter in place!

Now you can be one of the first C7 Corvette owners to enjoy both the increased performance and durability of a performance air filter. Zip Corvette has worked in conjunction with Green Performance to produce the first performance air filter for the newly released C7 Corvette Stingray.

Green Performance Corvette Air Filters are excellent replacement air filters for C7 Corvette owners who want to upgrade their air intake without changing the entire system. Unlike multi-layer gauze filters which can fray and release fiber particles into your Corvette's engine, Green Performance Air filters use two layers of tightly-interwoven cotton fabric. Because the fabric is so durable, Green Air Filters can be washed and reused over and over, which is why a lifetime guarantee comes with each one.

Other Corvette air filters use a simple pressure molded injection process to bond the perimeter rubber to the interior components. That method saves manufacturing time, but in the process, a considerable amount of rubber can seep onto the filtering surface. This can restrict airflow as much as 25%. Green Filters go through a precise 4 step production process, which virtually eliminates seepage and maintains maximum airflow through the filter. Other features of Green Performance High Flow C7 Corvette Air Filters include:

•A hand molded flexible rubber base
•Air tight seals
•Custom fitment tabs
•Deeper air filter pleats which creates 20% more filtration surface
•Race proven gains and technology
•Steel mesh coating for extra strength and durability

C7 Corvette Green Performance High Flow Air Filter


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