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C7 GS Grand Sport Rotors Front and Rear Set

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MAKE AN OFFER. Front and rear rotors. Slight heat stress on the front rotors. No serious issue at all. MAKE AN OFFER. Auto part Disc brake Wheel Rim Vehicle brake
Auto part Wheel Vehicle brake Automotive wheel system Locking hubs
Wood Rim Metal
Auto part Disc brake Wheel Rim Vehicle brake
Wood Metal Rim
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I know it's a long shot, as this posting is 2 years old, but I'd make an offer on the used C7 GS rotors if still available. I have a FEDEX account and could email a pre-paid shipping label.

Chris Ambrosini - Middleboro, MA
Chris, MotoMayI last visit to the site was May 2019.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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