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C7 Mechanical Issues

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From the June 5, 2014 issue of GM TechLink (internal service bulletin for GM technicians), we see potential 2014 StingRay mechanical issues concerning:

Cracked rotors; driver's seat inoperative; door mirror's inoperative; and panels touching (front of door panel to rear of fender panel).

NOTE: The third column from the left tells the service technician what TO DO; the second column from the right tells the service tech what NOT to do.
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Thanks elegant. That gives a great idea what to expect if one of those issues arises. I wonder if there will be a bulletin on radiators soon.

This sort of information is updated only monthly and seems to lag the issues we see here posted by owners by (in some cases) several months. I as a rule don't initially find out about issues until owners report them. It is important that owners pro-actively report "their" issues so that we can keep an eye on how wide spread (or not) they become.
Absolutely! For instance, after seeing others on our forum report the same issue I just had to deal with, I think it reduced the shock factor of "being the only one".

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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