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Yes, these have been around for months, but in case you missed them, or just want to have more fun seeing them again, here are the key four National Corvette Museum (NCM) April "Bash" videos. And for those who are looking for fun, the NCM and GM puts on a great event at the end of every April. GM brings 20 or more engineers and other C7 staff to help you learn, show you next year's Corvettes (hopefully we will also get seminars on a ZO6/7), walk-a-rounds and more. The Bash is a "cheap" event costing less than $25 for the seminars and more -- and of course including our great National Corvette Museum. Learn more at National Corvette Museum (events)
Thanks to, here are the videos:

"2014 Corvette StingRay Seminar": (Overview)

"Interior Design Seminar":

"Chassis Development Seminar":

"Exterior Design Seminar":

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Folks that above superb Infotainment video was created and presented by the very talented "talon90" and we are very lucky to have him as a contributing member of this forum!
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